Thursday, May 12, 2016

What the Dog Did

We returned from our hiking trip.  I'll blog about that whole thing eventually (when I get my photos off the SD card I loaned my mom).  In short, it didn't go as planned and I was pretty upset about it. 
Then, about a week or so after getting home, I came home from work one afternoon to find the dog had managed to open a closed closet door, take out both my pack and my husband's pack and rip them up.
I saw this as a sure sign from the Heavens that I needed to give up on backpacking.  How in the world could I replace $500+ in equipment?
After calming down (upset doesn't even cover my emotions at the time), I went online to see if Osprey offer replacement parts and to see if there was an option to fix the packs without having to spend all that money to get new ones.  On their website, Osprey lists information about their All Mighty Guarantee where they say they repair or replace a damaged pack for "Any Reason, Any Time, Any Era".  That means if you bought your pack in 1974 when the company started, they will repair the damage or replace the pack with one of similar style (if they no longer make the style that's damaged) and all you need to do is pay to get it there.  I thought surely this can't be true.  The damage was no fault of Osprey or their design, it was completely the fault of my dog and therefore, my fault.  But I went ahead and filled out the repair form online and waited.  One week later, I received word that the packs would be repaired, received the information on where to ship it, and received a request of a photo of the dog and pack for their returns wall.
I can't even express how thrilled I am at this.  I never thought they would cover "eaten by dog", and now it seems the Heavens are saying "Get your ass back on the trail".  Needless to say, I highly recommend Osprey packs.  I did before this all happened because the new Anti Gravity design is awesome, and now I really recommend them for their guarantee and excellent customer service.

My pack, must not have tasted as good
Husband's pack, whole hipbelt poket ripped open
To learn the specifics of the All Mighty Guarantee (what's covered, what's not) check it out here: All Mighty Guarantee
If you have an Osprey pack that has damage to it, here is the link for the Repair Information