Monday, September 21, 2015

Eleven Days and Counting

It's getting down to crunch time here.  There are only 11 days until we head out on the trail.
This weekend, my mom and I decided to test our tents and sleeping stuff.
WE don't have to worry about bears in the backyard, but the chickens were interested in what was going on.
Both tents were easy to set up.
I'd like to set mine up again to show my husband the ins and outs of it
so he can help with it on the trail.
My mom isn't as comfortable with all the camping stuff, 
but she far surpasses us with the physical fitness.
So she can haul our asses up the hills, 
and we'll make sure her tent isn't going to leak or blow away.
Packing up "camp" was a cinch as well.
And so far my pack is only about 15 lbs.
That includes the tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, 
some clothes and the camera.
I'm certain I will be well below 25 lbs which will be awesome
(plus my husband can carry some stuff too).
I did learn that I need a new sleeping pad.
Mine has a leak and I was on the ground by very early morning.
(you know, the morning where the sun isn't up but the neighbor's rooster thinks it is and starts crowing)
All in all, I'm certain I'm nearly prepared for the trip.
Food plans are coming along, and I've chosen my clothing.
All that is left is assembling the first aid kit and some other odds and ends.

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