Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Packing Begins

Backpacking items have overtaken my dining room table.  This is packing central where I am meticulously weighing each item and making a list to get a better idea at pack weight.  I'm also hoping this system lets me pick and choose wisely to keep the weight as close to 20 pounds as possible.  I'm around 14 pounds right now without clothing or food.  I've been watching the weather forecast in order to make the best decision about what clothes to bring.  Last time, I packed way too many clothes.  This time I'm only bring 1 extra set and something to sleep in.  Right now, unless the forecast drastically changes, I'm going with convertible pants or leggings and taking a base layer that will be sleepwear.  I'm hoping my convertible pants work well with a full pack as that would give me the option for shorts if needed. 
I've typed up our itinerary with planned stops and closest crossroads for my dad who will be dropping off and picking up (well, hopefully he picks us up!).  Just need to finish purchasing the last of the food we need and get that packed and weighed and pack everything up.
Only 10 days to go!

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