Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Photo from REI
I mentioned in my last post that I went ahead and spontaneously ordered my backpacking tent.  My original game plan was to purchase the REI Half Dome T2 2 person tent.  This decision was based on cost and reviews.  During my last trip to REI, I climbed into the Half Dome tent that was set up on the sales floor.  When I realized just how small the inside was, I became concerned about the ability of my husband and I both to fit inside the tent. The Half Dome T2 Plus which offers more floor space, was heavier, and I was not thrilled about adding any more weight than I absolutely had to.  I liked the Quarter Dome T2Plus, but it was a lot more expensive and more or less out of my price range.

I had received a 25% off coupon for 1 Clearance item.  Last Friday I sat down to use the coupon on a sleeping bag (I'm thinking of getting a new bag that is lighter in weight).  When I clicked on the link to shop Camping Clearance, the first item that popped up was the REI Quarter Dome T2 Plus tent.  With the coupon I ended up paying less for the Quarter Dome than I would have for the smaller Half Dome T2.  And today my lovely new tent is being delivered while I'm at work.  I am anxious to get home and set it up and see how it is.  It's like the expectation you have on Christmas

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