Monday, August 17, 2015

What's Goin On

A week or so ago, several of us headed out to REI for a quick trip.  My brother and cousin needed to be fitted for new packs, and I was going just to go and come up with an idea of what I would purchase on the next trip.  I knew my next large purchase would be a back packing tent.  I was thinking of getting the REI Half Dome T2 2 person tent.  There was one already set up, so I climbed in.  It seemed way too small for myself and my husband.  I tried to talk my brother into climbing in with me (he's about the same height as my husband) but he just pretended he couldn't hear me.  I also wasn't thrilled with the weight of the tent because going to the T2 Plus just added even more weight.  Anyway, the trip ended with my brother getting a new pack and my cousin heading home to order hers (they were out of XS).  I purchased a package of large bags with odor barrier I have in mind to use for food and packing out my trash.

After the shopping trip, my mom, cousin and I headed out for a quick hike.  I was a little worried because my butt muscle was acting up while I was shopping, so I was certain that I would be in a lot of pain hiking.  We headed out on what has become my favorite hike that ends around a pond teeming with wildlife.  We scared up a Great Blue Heron and saw a couple of turtles. Surprisingly, I wasn't in any pain at all, and that was uplifting. 

I've been incredible busy the last several weeks.  This past weekend I had a large yard sale.  While I didn't get rid of as much as I wanted, I made enough to pay for a new tent and half of my husband's pack.  I went ahead and ordered a tent on Friday.  I had a 25% off 1 clearance item coupon that was expiring.  I planned on getting a sleeping bag, but when the  offer for the REI Quarter Dome T2plus tent popped up, and I realized I could purchase a $320 tent for $187, I went ahead and got it.  Once it's here this week I will be setting it up and seeing if there is enough room for the hubs and myself. 

Way to close your eyes Kelly

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