Monday, February 15, 2016

New Kicks

After trying different tying methods, 
I finally came to the conclusion that my hiking boots just didn't fit right.
(You can read about the beginning of the boot saga here)
So I headed to REI.
Let me just say how awesome REI is.
I know they're expensive, but this is one instance of getting what you pay for.
By being a member (that is a one time charge of $20 for life),
you get the privilege of a 1 year return policy.
That means, you can buy something, use it, and if it isn't working for you, you can bring it back.
So, despite he guilt of wearing the boots for nearly a year, 
I returned them.
I then went about trying on several different kinds.
I tried the same boot I had in a different size, I tried Keens, Salomons, Vasques and who knows what else.
None felt right.
Finally, discussing the issues with the sales associate, 
he suggested I try the Salomon Quest 4D II GTX as they have a narrower heel cup
and that seemed to be part of my problem-
I have narrow heels
(I have duck feet, narrow in back, wide in front).
They were, of course, $70 more than the pair I was returning.
I wasn't going to try them on because I wasn't planning on spending any more money
(other than maybe $10-$20).
But my mom said to try them, 
and my husband said to see how they fit.
Of course, they fit perfectly.
My toe does not slide forward at all.
and when I lace them one of the fancy ways, 
my foot doesn't even budge a millimeter. 
I'm lucky I have such a great husband who said to go ahead and spend the extra money.
I love them!
They have excellent ankle support which I need because of a bum ankle.
And I can attest to the waterproof ability.
I wore them to go take care of my chickens
and proceeded to accidentally dump 3 gallons of cold water on them.
I never felt a thing.
I'm pretty sure these new boots will make me hike faster.

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