Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Back to the Grind

So, there's only about 2 1/2 months until the next attempt at the big backpacking trip.  Crap. Really, I thought I had, like, 3 or more months left.  And I literally did the math just now so, really, CRAP!
At least I did get back to the gym today.  As I've mentioned, I've gained 20 pounds.  That is on top of the 20-25 I needed to lose, so now I need to get rid of 40-45 pounds.  That seems impossible, though I know it isn't if I stay on track.
Tonight's workout wasn't more than 45 minutes or so.  I did 15 minutes on the elliptical, which is an improvement over the typical 5 minutes and I'm done.  Plus I walked and jogged, so overall it was a better 15 minutes in general.  Afterwards, I headed in to use the weight equipment.  I worked my abs, and I worked my legs.  Tomorrow I'll switch and work on my arms and back.  My husband wasn't in the mood to exercise tonight, which is unusual.  He's usually the one ready to camp out for hours and I'm whining to go home after 30 minutes. I guess I'm just really not happy with the weight gain, or the limited time to get ready.
So, rather than rush home, we sat in the sauna.  The husband isn't a huge fan of the sauna.  I have discovered I really enjoy it.  The heat feels good on my muscles, and I use the time in there to try to meditate somewhat.  I've also read that saunas have several benefits: stress relief, cleansing the skin, relaxes muscles and relieves joint pain, flushes toxins, improves cardiovascular performance, induces a deeper sleep, burns calories and helps fight illness.  Since I can use all that stuff, I sit in the sauna (though tomorrow I'm sitting in the whirlpool).
I've also changed my diet.  I've been eating unhealthy for weeks now.  So today I made sure I had a lot of salad makings on hand.  I'll be cutting out bad carbs like bread and sweets (God, how will I survive??!).  So, wish me luck!  After this week of working out, I'll be bringing my pack to the gym with weights in it to start getting ready for that reality.
Only 2 1/2 months??!

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