Sunday, January 31, 2016

Reworking Mileage

I pulled out my data book and maps and began working on a game plan for the redo trip this spring.  Basing everything on our first attempt, I kept the mileage no more than 10 miles per day, most days are below that.  It's possible that we can do more, but I thought it was safe to stick with something close to what we were managing before. 
I think all of us will be making sure we really keep an eye on the weight we're packing this time, and that might help us out a lot. Food weight was an issue for me, that and clothing.  I'm hoping for a warm weekend so I can wear shorts.
The biggest thing I need to do to prepare is hit the gym.  Stress has been at an all time high for me lately, and that makes me eat a lot of things I shouldn't.  A lot of things.  So I gained nearly 20 pounds on top of what I wanted to lose a year ago.  So tomorrow, I hit the YMCA to start building stamina, strength and getting rid of fat.  Wish me luck!

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