Thursday, February 12, 2015

Get Lost

Of course I'm speaking figuratively not literally. On the second hike I went on this winter (I know, I'm out of order since I've been on 4 so far), my hiking partners and I opted to head to a local covered bridge and hike along the creek. There wasn't much of a path, and what there was didn't go very far so we opted to just follow the creek.  A few times we ended up on the wrong side of a fence because of fallen trees taking the fence down, but it only took a minute to get back on track.
Eventually we came to an area where another small creek merged with the larger one.  With no way to cross, we had no other choice but to turn around and head back.   It was probably time to head back anyway since it was raining, and it was getting darker and colder by the minute. 
Hikes like these are some of my favorites.  I like the idea of being able to wander without a path and get lost in nature.  Of course, with the creek right there, we weren't in any actual danger of getting lost (because I have no desire to actually get lost in the woods).

3 of the 7 going on "The Trip" 
I am hoping that this weekend I will  be able to make it out and about again.  However, Saturday's weather is predicting 37 degrees, 16MPH winds and 80% chance of snow.  Sunday is forecasted as 11 degrees and 24MPH winds.  So far, Saturday is the looking like the best option.  Hopefully the wind won't be too bad and we can get out and hike.  I enjoy my gym workouts, but nothing beats being outside, even if it is cold and windy and there is no path.

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