Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Haunted Appalachian Trail

I mentioned previously that I had come across information about parts of the Appalachian Trail being haunted.  While I'm not surprised to learn that the trail is haunted, I am surprised that it wasn't something I had even considered.  I've been a paranormal investigator for many years, and before that I was a paranormal junkie- going back to the age of 4.  Typically my adventures start with the paranormal, but this particular trip was only about accomplishing something on my list and enjoying the outdoors.  For me, adding in the paranormal has made this the ultimate adventure.
Since I've been trying to come up with something interesting to blog about on my ghost blog (Gettysburg Ghosts), I came up with the idea that I would research ghosts and other paranormal occurrences along the AT.  So from time to time, as I gather my information, I'll throw a post up here about the ghosts and legends of one of 14 states along the AT.  I decided to start with Maryland as that is the state I'll be spending most of my time in during my section hike in October, and it's the state that I have the most knowledge about as far as the paranormal. 
So stay tuned! 
Unless you're worried you'll be too scared to sleep in those shelters.

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