Thursday, March 24, 2016

Backpacking Command Central

It's starting to get real, folks.  This weekend, 3 of us are making a trip down to REI followed by a lunch meeting to plan out the particulars of the upcoming trip.  Things have a way of sneaking up on you even when you're paying attention.  This time next month we'll be on our second day of our trip, provided we don't have any odd weather occurrences.
In preparation of our meeting, I've been mapping out our stops each day and the mileage between each.  We have some options about where to stop, and I imagine we'll come to a consensus this weekend.  I still need to figure out the last 2 days/20 miles that my mother and I will be doing.
I've also been working on the plan for what's going in my pack.  I'm determined to lighten my load this time around.  I borrowed a digital scale so I can measure each thing that goes into my pack.  Last time I just packed my pack with everything I planned to bring and weighed myself on the bathroom scale to see how heavy it was.  It was 27 pounds, and to me that was heavy.  My husband's was 30+ pounds.  So, following the suggestion from the backpacking podcast I've been listening to (The First 40 Miles), I'm going to weigh each item and make decisions based on the weight of those individual things.  I know one thing I'm going to make sure I do is to not pack the stuff I need for the extra 2 days in my pack.  When my dad comes to meet us at Harper's Ferry, I'll make sure that extra stuff is in the vehicle he's bringing (food, change of clothes, etc) so I don't have that extra weight.  I also plan to offload stuff I don't need for the extra days.  My mom and I can share my 2 man tent, so she'll be able to leave hers with my dad, and she and I can split up mine between us to lighten the load.  I'm thinking those extra 20 miles won't be too bad as far as pack weight, and that's just fine with me!

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