Monday, March 28, 2016

Dividends are a Glorious Thing

This was my Easter basket.  The Easter Bunny didn't bring it, I had to buy it all myself, and I got in trouble with the husband for how much I spent.... but still worth it.  Three of the four of us heading out on this trip went to REI this weekend to get some last minute items.  March bring REI dividends and 20% coupons and both were burning holes in my pocket.  I ordered a new sleeping bag (it cost me $2 and change after the coupon and dividend), got some loksaks for food and trash, a waterproof compression sack for the new sleeping bag (but I got the Large instead of the Medium, now I want to take it back to get the Medium), a dry sack for holding all the food and hanging it from a tree (which I need to practice doing), freeze dried food, some ultra light tent stakes and a plastic bottle to use as a flask. But, because I want to lighten my load, I'm thinking of for going the flask. I think I'm going to be way too tired to bother with whiskey. 
Following the shopping spree, we hit a nearby pizza place with some of the best pizza I've had in a while, to have a planning meeting and lunch.  We worked out a game plan for our overnight stops, and talked about food and what items could be shared to save weight in each others' packs.   It was an awesome day.  The excitement is definitely building for this trip.

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