Friday, March 18, 2016

Christmas in March

Our rescheduled back packing trip is fast approaching, and just in time is my REI dividend.  It's really just like Christmas.  While I have already managed to procure the items I need for the trip (i.e., pack, boots, tent, etc.), I do really want a new sleeping bag. 

The sleeping bag I own now is great.  It keeps me toasty on camping trips.  However, it isn't meant for back packing, which means it's large, bulky and heavy.  Plus I purchased it from Sunny's Surplus some time ago- and their stores have been closed since 2007.  I used my son's youth sized bag when we went for our first trip attempt.  I tried his bag out at home and thought it fit. But when I went to use it in the middle of a howling nor'easter, it just wasn't long enough to hunker down in. 
So thank goodness for REI's member dividend (and 20% off coupon).  I've chosen a new sleeping bag that is only 2lbs8oz and I'll end up paying under $10 out of pocket when it's all said and done.  That leaves more money in my pocket to spend on other stuff I need.  I'm compiling a list now of all the little odds and ends I need to get before the next trip. 
Only 34 days to go!

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