Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Podcast Review: The First 40 Miles

During my Pinterest browsing, I came across this podcast in a search of backpacking things.  It caught my eye because it's called The First 40 Miles which is similar to the Hiking 40 for my 40th title of this blog.  40 must be a magic number.
So I've been listening to the podcast to see how it is.  Some podcasts are just painful to listen to, even if you're extremely interested in the topic.  This podcast isn't like that.  I've enjoyed the handful of episodes I've listened to so far.  The format is simple: it starts with an opening story or insight, then discusses different topics (like items you can leave at home, surprising places to find backpacking supplies, weight of items, etc) and then reviews a backpacking item.  There's also a Backpack "Hack of the Week" that gives instruction on how to make backpacking items (nut bars, "kitchen sink", etc).
The episodes are only about 20-30 minutes long, but I find that to be a perfect length.  It's informative and to the point and holds your interest.  I like to listen to podcasts while at work or while I'm cleaning or working at home- basically anywhere you listen to the radio you can listen to a podcast and learn something.
Overall,  I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is relatively new to hiking and/or backpacking or even for people who have gone backpacking before. I'm already planning on using some of the things they've had on their "Hack of the Week" segment, and I'm going to utilize the ideas they've talked about.  So if you want to get some basic info on hiking/backpacking check out The First 40 Miles

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